Hayawen* the Taxi Driver

In Europe June the 21st celebrates the beginning of summer. Here in Dubai it signals the beginning of hell. Indeed by 110 F, it is pretty foolhardy to walk to work. Not only I might reach work sweated, I can faint but also because of that, I always start my day moody.

But hopefully, in such a place as Dubai, downstairs my flat is full of -cheap- taxis. The first thing not to say to a taxi driver is  » I am going to Dubai Mall », i.e I am going 1.7 km from here. By saying that you are convicted to a I-will-try-to-make-you-throw-out way of driving. For two years in Dubai, taxi driver have became my nightmare. Even if I go far, there is 80% chance they don’t know the way and we will get lost. DO NOT EVER TEXT ANYONE FROM A TAXI, because your eyes will be on the screen and not anymore on the road or this maztoul, will miss the exit for sure! Nevertheless, you can have fun in taxi, some of them are really nice -e.g, asking you which kind of music you want, some are quite dumb but it’s funny – e.g:  »You are from France? Is it the same country as England? Ahh, but you speak french in France?  », some are smart -e.g, mathematics teacher at Pakistanese University. Theses ones must be kept in mind. And I hope I will still meet some courteous ones.

But on my daily issue, there is only two options, either I arrive at work pissed by the taxi driver or miffed by the heat. In any way, my good morning to the security is never really nice, moreover when the pushing machine doesn’t work. Couldn’t we start a day by its end? Cause I am wayyyyy more polite at 7 pm!

(* = Bastards)

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