I don’t know how to say goodbye


Or maybe I don’t want to.
It’ not a matter of politeness, of course I have no issue saying goodbye and have a good day to the cashier. But when it comes to say goodbye for good to someone you care about, it is another story. I have an ending phobia, I hate closing or shutting stories. Not all stories, I love when I completed the reading of book, the last page is the result of what have fed my brain and my culture. But in relationship there is no last page, no chapter to be closed. Cause what can still happen remains writable. My feelings will never be fed enough, what people can bring me never enough. I probably have a storage disorder, since I feel to have limitless extendable bookshelves for my human stories. For every man I loved, I just kept a bookmark on that specific date we broke up, but did not close the book. For every friend I met, and have gone outside of my see sight, I just have the sitcom line « to be continued ». World is a tinny village and we will meet again, no doubt. No matter the seas, the borders, the mountains.
And I really think there is no point of saying goodbye, when you crash in somewhere, you don’t know to whom you gonna say hi, to whom it will count to say hi. Therefore to whom you will be sad to say bye.
So better being speechless, better avoid the burst into tears farewell party. It’s never too late to say hi, but always to early to say bye.
So.. So long.

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